Day 231 – Vacation (cont.)

26 06 2010

We were supposed to leave this morning but mommy and daddy decided to stay the day and drive at night.  Since the weather had gotten cooler from yesterday – no more 100 degree temps – we headed back to the water park!  I have to wear a float in the pool but the ones at the park were too big for me and they kept squishing my face the other day.  When mommy and daddy went shopping yesterday, they bought me a new suit that had floats sewn in to it.  It fit me SOOOO much better.  It was a lot more fun in the pools this time 🙂  Of course I don’t have a pic to show you of me in the pool with it on cause that would mean a shot of mommy or daddy in their bathing suit!!  So here I am with Cousin Christy after I had gotten changed and we were getting ready to leave.  Cousin Christy is fun – she’d make silly faces that made me laugh and laugh.

**this is a picture of me in my new swimmy suit!  Mommy wanted me to try it on after she bought it to make sure it fit – it was a little big but it works!



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