Day 242

7 07 2010

This is what mommy saw when she came home from the city tonite…she stayed late to go out to dinner for Marcy’s bday so by the time she came home I was fast asleep.

and apparently she brought home a bag full of goodies for me!!  Her friend’s Matt and John bought me a bunch of fun presents.  Thanks Matt and John for all the great stuff.  I’ve already chewed on the football rattle and had fun banging on my new musical workbench!

Day 241

7 07 2010

Today was a bit of a sad day – it was the day of my next door neighbor Rosie’s funeral.  She was like a Great Grandma to me.  She was really good friend’s and next door neighbor forever to my daddy’s Grandma Mary, my Great Grandma Mary.  But she had passed away 10 years ago now and so it was Rosie who was gonna be my honorary Great Grandma.  She was 86 years old and had started to get sick back before I was born – but these last few weeks she really started going downhill.  Mommy and Daddy were glad that she at least got to spend a little time with me.  This is Rosie’s daughter Annette.  She was happy that her mom got to spend time with me too.  She said Rosie would talk about me all the time.  I love you Rosie – say hi to my Great Grandma Mary up in heaven, ok?

This was the day I came home from the hospital – we went right over to Rosie’s so she could see me.  She was so happy that my daddy finally had a baby.

Day 240

7 07 2010

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I’ve got this funny look on my face cause it’s H-O-T, HOT!!!  You wouldn’t believe how hot is today.  I like the summer time but I don’t know if I like it this hot.

Day 239

4 07 2010

Beach day!!!!  Today mommy’s friend Val came out to visit and we went to the beach.  Mommy was a little nervous after the trip to the beach in Ocean City – apparently I kept trying to crawl off the blanket and get in the sand – and she knows there is just so much to bring to the beach now that I’m here!  Back in the day all she needed was a towel, sunscreen, a book and a drink.  Now umbrellas (yes at least two) and multiple blankets & towels, my bottles and food – we brought a pool again since I seemed scared of the ocean waves in Maryland and she didn’t think I’d want to go near the water.  Mommy says she’d never attempt the beach with me solo, at least not this year, but Val would be there to help, so off we went!  Turned out all that worrying was for nothing!!  We went to the beach later in the day, when mommy knew people would start leaving and hopefully it wouldn’t be so hot.  We found a good spot and set up all our stuff.  I played in the pool for a little bit but mainly hung out on the blanket.  Yeah I tried to climb off a few times but she kept distracting me with stuff 🙂  The day was really nice, not too hot – and mommy took me for a walk along the waters edge.  She tried putting me down to stand on the sand and feel the water – at first I had a “I”m not so sure about this” look on my face – but once the nice cool water swirled around my toes it quickly changed to a “This is awesome” look.  We went back to the blanket and got Val to come hang with us by that water – it was really nice.  Thanks for coming to visit Val – I had lots of fun.

Day 238

2 07 2010

Aw ma – do I really have to hang out in my play pen??  I like it so much better when I can crawl all over and get in to everything…..

Day 237

2 07 2010

I just had my bath and now I’m hanging in my comfy bathrobe waiting for mommy to pick out my outfit.  Don’t mind me, I’m just going to chew on my comb for a bit.

and I found out some sad news today – my next door neighbor, Rosie, passed away today 😦  She was 84 years old and had gone in to a nursing home because she needed round the clock care.  She was like my Great Grandma and I am sad that she is gone.  But mommy says she was very happy that she got to meet me and I always brought a smile to her face.

Day 236

30 06 2010

Mommy says I have Fred Flintstone feet…what do you think??

Day 235

30 06 2010

La la la, la la la, elmo’s song……la la la, la la la, elmo’s song…….I love elmo!!!  Daddy plays me the video of elmo singing elmo’s song on you tube all the time!  I love it.  No matter what I am doing, the minute I here elmo sing “la la la” I stop what I’m doing and look for him 🙂   If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend you go on You Tube and check it out.  Mommy loves it when elmo says, “I want to sing La La La Gordon song” – she sounds just like elmo when she says it.

Day 234

30 06 2010

Ha ha – look at me – I’m up on all fours!  I haven’t figured out how to move like this – right now I do what my parents call the “army crawl” – but they think I’ll be crawling on my hands & knees soon.  But I bet it doesn’t matter if I don’t do that and keep just doing my army crawl.  I still manage to get around super fast – mommy and daddy can barely keep up with me.  And I can get in to a sitting position on my own now too.  Ain’t nothing gonna breaka my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving…….

Day 233

27 06 2010

This is the bib my Great Aunt Dawn bought me.  She bought me an elmo hoodie too but it’s still a little too big for me.  But daddy says I’ll fit in to it in no time the way I am growing 🙂