Day 206

31 05 2010

Today I went into a pool for the first time!  Mommy’s friend Jennie invited us over to hang out and she has an awesome pool – mommy couldn’t wait to take me in it.  We went swimming with Jennie and her sons, Adam and Eric.  We had a lot of fun.  Adam was learning to swim – he can do the doggie paddle all the way from one end of the pool to another.  I hope I can do that someday.  Jennie’s husband Kenny didn’t come in the pool – he had to run some errands.  That’s ok, he played with me in the house.  He made funny faces that made me smile.  I liked going to Jennie’s house.  I hope we can go again soon.

**that’s mommy holding me – you can’t see her though cause she says there will be no pics of her in a bathing suit unless she someday wakes up and has a body like Heidi Klums…..(editor’s note – so basically that means there will be no pics of mommy in a bathing suit ever)

Day 205

31 05 2010

Mommy and daddy took me to the Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead today.  It was a really nice, warm, sunny day.  We headed out for the long ride out east.  The traffic wasn’t too bad and I slept the whole way.  There were a lot of other people visiting the aquarium today too.  Mommy said I spent more time looking at them then I did the fishies 🙂  But I did see the seals that were swimming outside – there is a tank where they hang out and you can watch them while you are waiting to get in.  Then when you go inside, there is another tank filled with sting ray looking things you can feed!!  It was really cool – they come up out of the water looking for you to hand them fishies – and you can touch them!!  But I didn’t.  Then we walked over a bridge that had a bunch of fishies swimming under it.  And then there was a room filled with fish tanks with MORE fishies 🙂  There were fishies of all shapes, sizes and colors.  Daddy knew a lot of the fishies names because he likes fishies and knows lots about them.  Mommy really liked the tank that had all the sea horses.

After we saw all the stuff inside, we strolled around outside.  There were animals there like penguins, monkeys, otters and turtles!  It was a really fun day.  Then we went to the outlets and they bought me lots of clothes for our trip to Ocean City later this month.  I think they bought me more then I can actually wear but you can’t stop adults once they start looking at all those cute little clothes for kiddies 🙂  I guess I have all summer to wear that stuff – hopefully I won’t outgrow them too fast.

Day 204

30 05 2010

Today we went upstate to visit Daddy’s best friend Billy and his family.  Billy’s wife’s name is Pattie, his daughter’s name is Melissa and his son’s name is Jaiden.  Daddy’s known Billy since they were kids, that was a loooooooooooooooong time ago.  They go hunting and fishing together.  Someday Jaiden and I will go hunting and fishing with our daddies.

Day 203

30 05 2010

I went to work again with mommy!  It’s the friday before memorial day so mommy only had a half day at work.  Just enough time to wheel me in there, show me off, check some emails, feed me and head back home 🙂  There was so much going on while I was there we forgot to take a picture in the office.  So mommy and me took one with Kim on our way out!

Day 202

27 05 2010

Check out my new sun hat.  Summer is coming and mommy bought me a bunch of  things for the beach.  I’ve never been but i can’t wait to go.

Day 201

26 05 2010

So my mommy thinks lobsters are hysterical and now I get stuck wearing them……

Day 200

25 05 2010

Aarrrgghh – Johnny Depp isn’t the only cute pirate out there!

Day 199

24 05 2010

Daddy gave me a bath today.  I really like taking baths.  It’s so much fun to play in the water.

Day 198

24 05 2010

After our fun night at Marcy’s house, we headed over to visit with mommy’s friend Katie.  Turns out Katie and Marcy live right around the corner from each other!!  Like literally right around the corner!!  Small world.  Then we went to Laura’s baby shower.   That’s a picture of us.  She’s having a boy, like me, and his name is going to be Ben.  I can’t wait to meet him.  And guess who was at the shower too – Jordan!!  My fake big sister 🙂  She calls me her fake little brother.  She likes to hold me and play with me.

Day 197

24 05 2010

Mommy and I headed to NJ for the weekend.  We have Laura’s baby shower to go to on Sunday and mommy was hoping to visit a bunch of other people while we were there.  Since it would be too hard to do it all on Sunday, she took her friend Marcy up on her offer to stay at her house Saturday night!  Mommy said we were really lucky because we hit NO traffic on the way to her house.  She lives in Westfield, NJ and it’s a really quick ride with no traffic.  We had lots of fun together.  We went in to town and mommy and Marcy shopped for a little bit.  Then mommy and I met up with her friend Angelita and her daughter Kaylee.  Kaylee was born eight days before me.  They’ve been wanting to get us together since we were born!!  We hung out for awhile then went back to Marcy’s house where I had fun playing with Marcy.

Thanks for letting us stay at your house Marcy 🙂

I had fun hanging with Kaylee and Angelita.  Hopefully next time I see her it will be an official playdate where we can do some playing!  Shopping isn’t a lot of fun for babies…