Day 308

12 09 2010

We’re just two guys heading off to work and school.  Everyone keeps saying I’m my father’s son.  Of course I’m my father’s son – people are silly.

Day 294

28 08 2010

Today is Friday and it’s normally a quiet day at the office where mommy works – so she brought me in with her since I didn’t have day care.  I like going to work with mommy.  There is so much room to crawl and play and so many people come to see me.  I especially like playing with Kim and Lesley.  They are really nice to me.

Day 280

13 08 2010

I went to work with mommy today!  I could have gone back to school, but since I hadn’t been there all week mommy figured why send me now.  It was a good day to go.  It was nice and cool outside and things were going to be quiet around the office.  I had lots of space to crawl and practice walking 🙂  Everyone was so surprised to see me pull myself up and try to walk.  Here I am with Kim.  She knows how to make me laugh.

Day 203

30 05 2010

I went to work again with mommy!  It’s the friday before memorial day so mommy only had a half day at work.  Just enough time to wheel me in there, show me off, check some emails, feed me and head back home 🙂  There was so much going on while I was there we forgot to take a picture in the office.  So mommy and me took one with Kim on our way out!

Day 147

4 04 2010

Today I went to work with mommy!!  She’s been wanting to bring me in to meet her co-worker’s for a long time now.  But it’s not easy trucking in to NYC with a little one so she wanted to wait until the weather got warmer and hope for a day when things wouldn’t be too busy – work wise or traffic wise!!!  She said commuting was kind of easy all week because not only is my day care closed, but a lot of schools are closed!  So lots of parents take off this week to be home with their kids.  And because today is Good Friday and even more people take off, she figured today was a great day to bring me in.  We hit a little bit of traffic on the way in (darn pot hole repairs on the BQE!!!) and a little traffic on the way home (darn LIE!!!) – but I slept the whole way so it was ok.  Mommy said her guardian angel must have been looking out for her!

I had a lot of fun at mommy’s office.  First off – as you can see from the pic below, her office has a LOT of stuff in it, just like our house so it made me feel like I was at home 🙂  Well, except for all the people.  But they are all really nice people.  They all wanted to play and make silly faces at me – they made me laugh and smile.  I wasn’t the only kid there either.  Susan brought Jordan in too.  Do you remember Susan and Jordan, they had come to visit me with Laura before mommy went back to work.  Oh yeah, and Laura was there too.  Her belly is getting bigger – she’s got a baby inside.  And Marcy came by to visit too – she works in a different building then mommy but she came downtown just to see me 🙂  But there were lots of people I got to meet for the first time, like Leah and Dierdre and Elizabeth and Val and Kim and Erin and Jean and Lesley and Lisa and Kathy and Mike and Mark and Dave and Chris and another Erin and Watchen and Elyssa and  Darry and Rod and Sid and Angelita (who forgot I was coming otherwise she would have brought in her daughter Kaylee who was born two weeks before me!)….and whew lots more people I’m forgetting about now!!

**this picture was taken by Jordan, she did pretty good!

Mommy is gonna break the rules again and post pics of some of the people I hung out with today

Here’s Jordan giving me my bottle (yes daddy, she sanitized her hands first!!) – she wants to be my big sister 🙂

this is Dave, his sister is gonna have a baby soon so everyone said he should get some practice holding me

this is Kim, she got married last year, maybe she’ll have a baby soon!!  she looks like she knows what she’s doing with me 🙂

this is Marcy – she came from her office in midtown to come see me downtown – wasn’t that nice!

after hanging out with all these people, I got a little pooped and took a nap on a comfy bean bag chair in mommy’s office……