Day 365!!!!!

7 11 2010

Technically today is the 365th day – can you believe it??  We’ve been hanging out together for a whole year.  Do you remember what I looked like on day 1( – that seems like so long ago!  I’m a big boy now.  I can walk and I can talk, well I can talk a little.  I have 5 teeth.  I eat regular food.  I love to play.  I like to dance.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to be 1 years old 🙂  Mommy and Daddy are so excited.  They have a birthday party planned and lots of friends and family are coming to celebrate with me.

Aunt Victoria came down to stay with us and to help mommy out with all the last minute things to do.  Mommy is soooo glad she’s here.  She said she really needed Aunt Victoria’s help.  I was really happy to have her to play with.

Day 356

31 10 2010

I can’t wait for Sunday – it’s going to be my first Halloween!!!  The Dr said I was supposed to be born on Halloween, but I wasn’t.  I stayed inside mommy for one more week.  So instead of last year being my first halloween, THIS year is 🙂  Mommy has a few costumes for me so not sure yet what I am going to be.

Day 349

25 10 2010

Uh I’m really not happy about penned up in this pack and play.  You know, I can walk now and I need room to roam!!

Day 343

20 10 2010

Look at me with my sippy cup!  Mommy has bought me lots of sippy cups and I didn’t like using any of them, until now 🙂  Now I drink out of any of my cups.  I can even do it while I am walking.

Day 319

21 09 2010

Look at me I’m taking steps!!  Not bad considering I woke up at 4:3o this morning 🙂  Hey, like my new slippers.  They look like skeleton feet 🙂

Day 306

8 09 2010

Today was my first day back at school!!  So much has changed in the two weeks since I last went.  I stand up real good now and I’ve started taking steps on my own.  My top two teeth have come in too.  And now I’m in the big babies room at school and I have a new teacher.  But she’s not there when I first come in so mommy couldn’t get a picture with her today.  We’ll get it soon, I’m sure.

Day 302

7 09 2010

Mommy’s been taking me outside so we can enjoy the last days of summer, and so I can practice my standing and walking on the grass!!!  When I’m outside, all the neighbors seem to come outside too 🙂  This is one of my neighbors – it’s a dog – he belongs to our neighbor Trish.  I don’t remember his name though.  But he was cute and liked rubbing his back on the lawn.  I like dogs – I hope I get a dog someday.  Maybe when I learn how to feed myself with a spoon!

Day 299

2 09 2010

What?  Yeah I’m rocking my elmo slippers.  They are awesome and look how good I’m standing.  They used to get in my way and make it hard for me to do stuff, but I managed to stand up OK in them.  I hope I can walk in them when the time comes.  Grandma Angie & Daddy have said they’ve seen me walk without holding on to anything in my pack & play.  Grandma said I did it yesterday and I did it today too.  Mommy hasn’t seen me do it yet though.  Maybe she’ll see me do it in my elmo slippers:)

Day 280

13 08 2010

I went to work with mommy today!  I could have gone back to school, but since I hadn’t been there all week mommy figured why send me now.  It was a good day to go.  It was nice and cool outside and things were going to be quiet around the office.  I had lots of space to crawl and practice walking 🙂  Everyone was so surprised to see me pull myself up and try to walk.  Here I am with Kim.  She knows how to make me laugh.