Day 64

28 01 2010

Today we got a surprise visit from Aunt Victoria and her boyfriend Dan.  They came all the way from upstate!!

Day 21

21 01 2010

Mommy is working on a project for my room – she wants all my immediate family to take a picture with me and she’s gonna hang them in my room.  Here I am with my Aunt’s Gen and Victoria.  I love them so much.  They are pretty cool too and I bet they are gonna spoil the heck out of me 🙂

Day 19

20 01 2010

My Aunt Victoria and Aunt Genevieve came to visit and stay for a few days, yay!  I haven’t seen them since the hospital….they didn’t come with Grandma Candy the other day.  Mommy tells me she used to check in on Aunt Victoria when she slept at night and that Aunt Gen used to cry a lot 🙂  She also said she used to change their diapers, a lot of them!  I think that means they owe me a few diaper changes, no?