Day 174

29 04 2010

We went to dinner at Sal and Theresa’s house.  That’s me with them, and their cute daughter, Sofia.  Do you remember Theresa?  She came to visit me at my house back on day 75!   It was nice going to their house – well until Sal made me cry!!  I’m just kidding – well, not about him making me cry – but he hadn’t meant to and I only cried for a minute 🙂  They made a nice dinner for mommy and daddy.  They had steak – it looked really good but no one would give me any 😦  Oh well – maybe some other time.

Day 75

28 01 2010

Today Theresa came to visit me.  Theresa is married to Sal – he’s someone daddy used to work with at the Sanitation department.  She came to see us while her daughter Sofia was at school and she brought me lots of presents.  Maybe next time I see Theresa I’ll get to meet Sofia.  I like meeting people that are closer to my size.