The Holiday season has begun…..

2 12 2010

I love this time of year!!!  Thanksgiving was nice – Grandma Candy, Grandpa Richie, Grandma Angie, Aunt Victoria and Aunt Gen were here to celebrate with us.  What wasn’t so nice was monkey got sick – throwing up first, then diarrhea – poor thing spent dinner drinking pedialite while the rest of us ate turkey!  But he got lots of love so that made it a little easier.

I just realized I didn’t get any pictures – which sucks.  I was so surprised by his sickness it totally threw me off.  Of course the Grandma’s were quick to point out this will happen all the time, usually on holidays or other special occasions so I should get used to it…..great!

Now I need to get my butt in gear and get the house decorated for Christmas!  We don’t have a lot of space for a big tree, and it’s probably better that we don’t have that kind of temptation around the house for monkey.  The last few years I’ve been getting a little Charlie Brown tree.  But daddy says I have to wait to get it or it will dry out before Xmas.  Of course I don’t think he realizes that the trees they’re selling now will probably be the same trees they’re selling a week from now so it will end up drying out before Xmas no matter how long we wait!!!  So maybe I won’t listen to him and I’ll pick one up this weekend 🙂  Christmas just feels more real once the tree is up.  I never did understand how some people wait until Christmas eve to put one up……that’s just cutting it too close for me.

I’ve started addressing the xmas cards – I did two versions because I’m a lunatic – I addressed the first set.  Now the new set that arrived today will go to all the people I hadn’t gotten to yet.  I’ll get to scanning and posting them at a later date.  Of course now I wish I had waited to order cards cause we took the little nugget to visit Santa at Roosevelt Field yesterday and they took a GREAT picture of him and Santa.

I made some tweaks in Adobe Lightroom and came up with this…..which would have made for the best Xmas card!!!!!

Oh well – rookie mistake.  Next year I’ll wait to see how Santa pic comes out before I make my cards……..

Day 20 – Turkey Day

21 01 2010

Today is Thanksgiving and we’re having everyone over my house!!  Grandma Angie, Grandpa Sal, Grandma Candy, Grandpa Richie and Aunt Victoria and Aunt Gen….it’s gonna be a good day.  But Mommy is crazy for having everyone over when I’m only 2 weeks old!  But Aunt Gen and Aunt Toria are around to help 🙂  Check out my outfit – it’s got a turkey on it – how cute but what a racket!!  When can I wear this outfit but once a year, but you grownups just can’t resist buying them…