Choo Choo

26 05 2011

So it’s been almost a month since my last post – I’ll really try not to wait so long between them!  It’s just incredibly hard sometimes to get my act together – you keep me pretty busy little man :).   Of course it’s not all you, a full-time job, housework and a photography hobby mixed in mean sometimes I don’t know which way is up!

Anyway  – back to your update! This has been going on for awhile but probably has heated up in the last month  – and by “this” I mean your love of Thomas the Train, choo choo!!  It’s pretty hilarious how you wake up in the morning and your first words are “choo choo.”  Seriously, I’m not joking.  Your eyes will be closed, just on the verge of waking up and then you go “choo choo.”  You’ll finally open your eyes and say “ma ma” in the cutest voice followed closely by “choo choo” again!  Then you’re sliding off the bed so you can run in to the living room, point to the tv while doing a little dance and say “choo choo” yet again!  This has been repeated nearly every morning for the last two weeks!

But you’ve been hooked on Thomas for quite a while now.  I’m guessing your obsession started with seeing Cousin Gerry’s trains when we go to Marion’s house.  Gerry has a giant train set in their basement and you LOVE going down there to see them.  Then I started dvr’ing Thomas episodes so you could see trains whenever you wanted.  Needless to say that is all the time.

Then we got really lucky because my friend Tara’s son Johnny is just out growing his Thomas obsession.  He is going to give you his entire Thomas collection – including a train table!  I just have to find somewhere to put it.  Johnny gave you a couple of trains to start you off and you play with them all the time.  One of these days I’d love to take you to go on a real steam train!   There are ones not too far away so maybe we will get to do that.

Word update – you’ve added a few more to your vocabulary.  The Baby Einstein First Words book is awesome.  It’s so much fun to go through the book with you.  You can say almost every word on the first two pages and you point to every item when I ask you where X is.  My favorite is when I ask you where the bread or carrots are.  You point to the pictures and say “bed” and “cat” 🙂  You’re starting to put words together too.  You’ve been saying “oh no” for a while, but now you’ve added “bye ma.”  I’m sure you’ve paired some others but I’m too tired to remember.  Will have to add them to the next post, which will NOT take a month to do, I promise 🙂  Love you monkey.

Oh yeah, that reminds me that the only book you let me read to you at bedtime is a Curious George book.  Any time I try to read you anything else, you fuss and fidget until I get the Curios George book out.

Here are some pics of you from the last month –

this picture makes me laugh.  we were at Anita’s house for the twin’s first bday party.  we went down to their play room to hang out with them and they followed you around like zombies.  everywhere you went, the two of them followed you.  you didn’t like it at all!  i thought it was hilarious

I have no idea how you wiggled your arm out of your shirt!

you’re so cute in your petite bateau outfit – oo la la

You’re first time on the school bus with nan – she swears you stopped crying by the  time you hit the corner

Day 2, still crying 😦

Day 3 no crying – Daddy helped get you on the bus.  You haven’t cried anymore – now you practically run to the bus every morning!  Grandma has you all singing songs and playing games.  Speaking of games, daddy bought you a lacrosse stick.

Aunt Victoria came down to watch you so I could do pictures at Jordan’s Communion.

See, now you’re happy on the bus.  Here you are blowing me a kiss bye bye.

Here you are visiting daddy at work.