Day 326

30 09 2010

My crazy weekend really caught up with me.  I was super tired when mommy got me from daycare.  I passed out on the ride home and didn’t wake up until 7:30!  Then I played for a bit.  Maybe that nap wasn’t the best idea cause I stayed up past my bedtime.  Oops.  Sorry mommy 🙂

Day 255

19 07 2010

Here I am hanging out in my pack and play having my last bottle for the day.  After school I got to crawl around and play with mommy and daddy for awhile but then I got tired.  Nothing they could do would make me smile, I just felt like crying.  Mommy says it’s cause I was tired.  She’s probably right because the minute she laid me in my playpen with my bottle I started to get very sleepy.

Day 230 – Vacation (cont.)

26 06 2010

This is me and Aunt Dawn.  Isn’t she pretty.  She is super nice too 🙂  She watched me while mommy and daddy went in to town to do some shopping.  It was 100 degrees out today so I would have hated going shopping with mommy and daddy.  Thankfully Aunt Dawn was happy to let me stay and play with her.  When mommy and daddy got back from shopping, they all took showers and got ready to go out for a crab dinner.  I wasn’t gonna eat crabs but the grown ups were.  By the time we got out of the house the skies were starting to get real dark.  A big storm was on the way!  Thank goodness Uncle Jeff’s good friend runs the crab place and he was able to get us a table right away – even though there were a line of people at the door.  Not long after we sat down the skies opened up and there was a crazy downpour for like 20 minutes!!  There was thunder and lightening too.  It was cool to watch through the windows at the restaurant.

I hung out in my new portable high chair that mommy had gotten me for the trip.  It worked out great for me at the restaurant (and at Uncle Jeff’s house too!!)  After awhile I got sleepy again – you can check out the video mommy posted to you tube 🙂

Day 229 – Vacation (cont.)

26 06 2010

This is what I look like after a day at the water park!!  Oh yeah, that was my first time at the water park and boy was it fun!!!  There was a kiddie pool that I played in with mommy and daddy for a long time.  At one point daddy was throwing me up in the air to make me laugh – and he did it a bunch of times and I kept smiling and giggling.  Then one time I didn’t – and he says to mommy – I think he fell asleep.  She said no way, that can’t be, you’re throwing him in the air – but guess what, I WAS sleeping.  Ha Ha.  Aunt Dawn watched me as daddy, mommy and Uncle Jeff went on water slides.  After awhile I woke up again and went back in the pool for some more play time.  This time I stayed awake, in the pool.  But when I went back to our table, I kind of got tired again…….

Sorry no pics of me playing in the pool – mommy and daddy say they need to go on a diet before I can post any more pics of them in bathing suits.

Thanks for my new swim outfit Susan and Jordan 🙂  Daddy and Uncle Jeff said it’s good luck cause the USA scored a goal and tied the game after mommy got me dressed.  GO USA!!