Day 363

4 11 2010

Yeah Yeah – I know, Halloween is over.  But my shirt glows in the dark!  That is so cool.  I’m gonna wear this until I outgrow it.  Which probably won’t be much longer.

Day 335

7 10 2010

I’m 11mos old today!  Mommy put me in my bones jones outfit again today.  She says I’m gonna be wearing halloween themed clothes all month long!

Day 322

26 09 2010

It’s that time of year again…what time you ask???  Time for my bones jones outfit!!!  It’s one you get at Old Navy.  Mommy had gotten my the 12-18 mos size, but it barely fit – she had to go back and get my the 18-24 mos!!!  And she got my super cool slippers at Baby Gap.  I glow in the dark, that’s cool.