Day 117

3 03 2010

Today I had another dr’s appointment.  This time Dr. McCarthy saw me.  She’s the doctor that saw me at the hospital and for my first two doctor’s visits.  She hasn’t seen me in a few months – boy was she surprised by how much I’ve grown and by all that I can do!  She said I sit up really well and that I can start having cereal if mommy wants to try giving it to me.  We just need to wait a few days because I got another vaccine today and she thinks mommy should make sure I don’t have any reactions to that.  So maybe by next week I’ll be trying cereal….stay tuned!

Day 114

28 02 2010

Look at me , I’m sitting up all by myself!   Daddy has been working with me to help me do it – I can’t do it for long….I’d say just about long enough for mommy to get a picture 🙂  Just after this picture was taken I fell over sideways…TIMBER!