Day 278

13 08 2010

Grandma Candy came down to watch me for the next two days!!  I have this virus thing that means I can’t go to school for a few days.  Mommy worked from home yesterday, but she can’t do that all week so she asked Grandma Candy if she could come down to help.  She doesn’t work during the summertime so she was able to do it.  It was so nice to get to spend time with her.  She played with me all day long 🙂  She let me crawl around and play with all my toys.  I practiced walking and standing and she was teaching me how to high five!

Day 277

10 08 2010

Well it turns out I am sick!  Mommy had to stay home from work today because I still had a fever when I woke up.  We went to see Dr.Gheri again and she said I have something called, Coxsackie.  It’s a virus that I got from someone.  I probably got it from someone at school – but now I have to stay home for a few days so I don’t give it to someone else 😦  I feel okay enough to play – mommy gives me medicine that makes me feel better.

Day 276

10 08 2010

How do I look?  I got sent home from school today because I have a fever, but look at me, I don’t look sick.  I look pretty cute in my new Levi’s shirt 🙂

Day 181

7 05 2010

I still don’t feel well today.  It hurts to cough – Mommy & daddy get a nervous look on their faces when I cough cause it sounds so bad.  Look at me, don’t I look a bit out of sorts?

Day 166

21 04 2010

I’m still feeling a bit under the weather today.  My nose is stuffy and running a lot.  I hope I feel better soon.  Mommy was trying to make me smile, she brought out the new hand puppet she got for me at IKEA.  It’s a horse.  She was making him talk and play with me.  She also bought me a moose – but we haven’t played with that one yet.

Day 165

21 04 2010

So I haven’t been feeling well.  My head is stuffy and my nose is running like crazy 😦   I had a hard time sleeping today – especially when Daddy was trying to put me down for the night.  I was really tired and I was rubbing my eyes like crazy, but I just couldn’t stay asleep.  Mommy got home and asked daddy if she could take over trying to get me to sleep.  She said she missed me and wanted to hold me for a bit before I went to bed.  So we cuddled for a bit and I started falling asleep on her shoulder.  But when mommy tried laying me in my crib, I woke right up and would cry.  After a little bit, I stopped crying and then I was pretty content while I was shoving my binky in my mouth.

Day 95

9 02 2010

Yuck – I got my first cold 😦  Mommy said I didn’t sleep well last night.  Funny thing, she said she didn’t sleep well either!  See how in sync we are 🙂  As the day wore on I felt OK – never got a fever or anything, just a stuffy nose.  Went to visit Grandma Angie today.  Mommy had another eye doctor appt so she      watched me.  Then when I came home I watched the UFC on Spike TV.