Day 362

4 11 2010

Just hanging out waiting for mommy to finish getting all my stuff ready for school. ¬†She’d probably get it done faster if she wasn’t taking my picture all the time!!

Day 341

13 10 2010

Guess what, I’m happy again today ūüôā ¬†Here I am at school playing with the toys. ¬†I have lots of fun at school. ¬†There is so much to play with and so much to do.

Day 320

26 09 2010

Me and mommy just hanging out before I go into school….

Day 308

12 09 2010

We’re just two guys heading off to work and school. ¬†Everyone keeps saying I’m my father’s son. ¬†Of course I’m my father’s son – people are silly.

Day 306

8 09 2010

Today was my first day back at school!! ¬†So much has changed in the two weeks since I last went. ¬†I stand up real good now and I’ve started taking steps on my own. ¬†My top two teeth have come in too. ¬†And now I’m in the big babies room at school and I have a new teacher. ¬†But she’s not there when I first come in so mommy couldn’t get a picture with her today. ¬†We’ll get it soon, I’m sure.

Day 213

7 06 2010

All dressed and waiting to go to school!