Day 172

27 04 2010

I had a rough night last night.  I woke up at 11:30pm crying and just couldn’t go back to sleep in my crib.  Every time mommy tried to put me back down I started crying.  Then she’d put me over her shoulder and I’d get quiet – she’d think I was asleep but once she put me down, I started crying again.  Poor mommy was so tired she took me in to bed with her.  She figured when daddy got home he’d put me back in my crib.  Which he did – except when he put me down I started crying too!!  He changed my diaper – it was wet – but that didn’t help either.  He ended up giving me a bottle and then I went back to sleep.  I started fussing again around 5:30am – mommy woke up and started getting my bottle ready, but then she saw on the monitor that I had fallen back to sleep so she went back to bed for a bit.  When she got up a little while later – she came in to check on me and she found me sleeping on my belly.  I had turned myself over at one point and I stayed that way!  Mommy couldn’t believe it.

Day 169

24 04 2010

I am getting really good at this tummy time thing.  I can pick my head up and keep it up for long periods of time.  I can roll over real good now too.  Mommy and daddy really have to keep an eye on me cause one minute I’m over here, the next minute I’ll be over there, or there, or over here…

check out my cool blanket – Joe and Amanda gave it to me.  It’s got John Deere logos and pictures of tractors on it.  Yee haw.