Day 353

25 10 2010

I’m just looking for some candy.  Someone told me that people put candy in pumpkins for Halloween.  There wasn’t any in my pumpkins!!  Now Halloween is just a few days away – maybe I have to wait until then for the halloween fairy to come and fill them up?

Day 337

11 10 2010

Mommy took me to visit my grandparents and aunties upstate.  We also went pumpkin picking!!  We went to a place called The Country Charm Farm.  That’s where mommy and Grandma used to take Aunt Gen and Victoria when they were little.  Mommy has lots of pictures of them there.  Now it was my turn to go 🙂  It was so much fun.  But Grandma and mommy are sad, this is going to be the last year of the farm.  The man that owns it is retiring.  He’s 75 yrs old and his wife has passed away.  They started running the farm 30 years ago.  He said it was getting to be too much work for him and it was time.  Mommy and grandma are so glad they brought me this year.  It was special cause Aunt Gen was with us – too bad Aunt Victoria had to work.