Day 338

11 10 2010

Today Mommy took me to NJ to visit Olive.   Remember her from  Mommy was taking pics of Olive with her mommy and daddy.  Mommy’s friend Marcy came to hang out and keep me company while mommy worked.  It was a really nice day and I had a lot of fun.

Mommy wants to thank Marcy for keeping me company – I want to thank her too, Thanks Marcy!!

Day 294

28 08 2010

Today is Friday and it’s normally a quiet day at the office where mommy works – so she brought me in with her since I didn’t have day care.  I like going to work with mommy.  There is so much room to crawl and play and so many people come to see me.  I especially like playing with Kim and Lesley.  They are really nice to me.

Day 124

11 03 2010

Mommy and Daddy were sick today – I went to day care for most of the day so they could sleep and rest up.  Then mommy came and got me and I went home to play.  Daddy had gotten lots of rest so he was ready to play.  Mommy still wasn’t feeling good and she ended up going to bed early.  Good thing Daddy had gotten all that sleep earlier!