Day 355

27 10 2010

are you hungry?  do you need a cookie??  da, da, da……capt’n adorable to the rescue 🙂  I’ll share some of my cookie with you!  These are my new pajamas, they even have a cape on them!  pretty cool huh??

Day 336

11 10 2010

Mommy got me this cool astronaut jacket – it looks awesome with my astronaut pajamas.  I look like I’m ready for space 🙂  Maybe later, after I’m done playing with my garage…..

Day 173

29 04 2010

Look at me – I can sit up real good now.  Yeah sure I’m on the couch and the cushions are keeping me propped up – but I use to fall to the side a lot faster then I do now!  Like my pj’s?  I got them as a present from one of daddy’s co-workers.  I have a lot of pj’s for my size right now.  Mommy says I practically have enough pj’s I could never wear the same ones twice…I think she’s exaggerating, but only by a little.  I really DO have a lot of pj’s 🙂

Day 110

25 02 2010

So this is what I look like when I am half asleep!  It’s about 6am here and Mommy wanted to get a picture of me in my cute and snuggly pj’s that I got from her boss Debbie…remember her from day 78?  Mommy was afraid she’d forget to take a picture if she waited until after she got ready for work!   Apparently having a baby makes you get mommy brain…..i think that’s just a nice way of saying they forget stuff, silly mommy.