Day 317

21 09 2010

Mommy and Daddy wanted to go see a movie so they asked Grandma Angie to watch me.  I like going to her house.  She’s got lots of room for me to crawl and play.  It was going to be my bedtime soon so I’m wearing my new pajamas and slippers.  They are comfy cozy.

Day 277

10 08 2010

Well it turns out I am sick!  Mommy had to stay home from work today because I still had a fever when I woke up.  We went to see Dr.Gheri again and she said I have something called, Coxsackie.  It’s a virus that I got from someone.  I probably got it from someone at school – but now I have to stay home for a few days so I don’t give it to someone else 😦  I feel okay enough to play – mommy gives me medicine that makes me feel better.

Day 271

6 08 2010

Here’s another set of new pajamas.  I’m almost 9 mos old, but I’m starting to wear  12mos size in clothes.  My shirt says daddy’s rock star and the pants have guitars all over them.  My daddy is a rock star.  He plays guitar and sings to me all the time.  Maybe someday I’ll learn to play an instrument and sing and then I can play with daddy.

Day 267

1 08 2010

Look at me, I’m an astronaut!  Not really, these are my new pajamas.  Aren’t they cool?