Day 300

2 09 2010

What are you doing over there?  Me?  I’m just hanging in my pack n play… I do every morning when my parent’s get ready for work!  (and PS – my mommy saw me walk in my pack n play at Grandma Angie’s house!!)

Day 299

2 09 2010

What?  Yeah I’m rocking my elmo slippers.  They are awesome and look how good I’m standing.  They used to get in my way and make it hard for me to do stuff, but I managed to stand up OK in them.  I hope I can walk in them when the time comes.  Grandma Angie & Daddy have said they’ve seen me walk without holding on to anything in my pack & play.  Grandma said I did it yesterday and I did it today too.  Mommy hasn’t seen me do it yet though.  Maybe she’ll see me do it in my elmo slippers:)

Day 291

24 08 2010

Just hanging in my pack n play.  My top teeth broke through today – but I’m not gonna show em to you – mommy keeps trying to see them, but I only let her feel them when she puts her finger in my mouth, then I bite it 🙂

Day 255

19 07 2010

Here I am hanging out in my pack and play having my last bottle for the day.  After school I got to crawl around and play with mommy and daddy for awhile but then I got tired.  Nothing they could do would make me smile, I just felt like crying.  Mommy says it’s cause I was tired.  She’s probably right because the minute she laid me in my playpen with my bottle I started to get very sleepy.

Day 238

2 07 2010

Aw ma – do I really have to hang out in my play pen??  I like it so much better when I can crawl all over and get in to everything…..