Day 349

25 10 2010

Uh I’m really not happy about penned up in this pack and play.  You know, I can walk now and I need room to roam!!

Day 269

3 08 2010

Here I am fast asleep in my swing.  I’m not gonna be in this thing much longer.  I am getting too big 🙂

Day 248

14 07 2010

Mommy says I better enjoy this swing while I can still fit in it 🙂   The weight limit is 25lbs and I’m close to 22 lbs now!

Day 194

19 05 2010

Since it was rainy and a little chilly today, mommy dressed me in this outfit.  I had gotten it as a gift from daddy’s friend Jimmy and his family.  They had gotten me a bunch of great clothes.  This outfit was one of those that I was too small for in the winter but I’ve had a major growth spurt and now with the warmer weather, if she didn’t get it on me on a day like today, I’d never get to wear it!!  I had worn the shirt and the vest once before – but the pants were still way too big then.  They almost don’t fit me now…..maybe it’s cause all those carrots I’m eating 🙂

Day 192

19 05 2010

Mommy says I better stop growing if I want to keep using my swing!!  It’s very comfy in there – why don’t they make a swing that fits big kids!!  I know my mommy and daddy wish they had a swing their size 🙂