Day 324

26 09 2010

OOMPAHFEST!!!!!  It’s my first one and I’m having fun!  Mommy’s friend Weezy gave me this supercool outfit.  Everyone that sees me smiles when I pass by.  Mommy and Daddy said next year they are getting me a pair of lederhosen.  There is lots of music here.  I really loved the music.  Me and mommy had lots of fun dancing.  I can’t wait to come back next year.

Day 323

26 09 2010

Aunt Dawn and Uncle Jeff came up to visit – Uncle Jeff wants to go to Oompahfest at the Plattdeutsche on Sunday.  He’s been going to it for years since he was a young boy.   So I’m excited to go to my first Oompahfest!  But for tonite we went out to dinner at a german restaurant.  You never can get too much german food!

Today I also went to Anita’s house for the party she had for Luca & Ella’s Christening.  Mommy took pictures for Anita – I didn’t go with her because it would be too hard for her to watch me and take pictures.  So she went to the church and came and got me after.  I had fun playing in Anita’s backyard and I ate yummy chicken and pasta!