Day 358

31 10 2010

Today mommy and me went to NJ.  We were going to Kaylee’s 1st birthday (remember her from day 197??).  I didn’t get to take a picture with Kaylee at her party, hopefully we’ll take one at MY party.  But I did get a picture with Katie 🙂  We went to visit her before Kaylee’s party.  I had fun at her house.  She let me play with her plastic bowls and magnets!!

Day 338

11 10 2010

Today Mommy took me to NJ to visit Olive.   Remember her from  Mommy was taking pics of Olive with her mommy and daddy.  Mommy’s friend Marcy came to hang out and keep me company while mommy worked.  It was a really nice day and I had a lot of fun.

Mommy wants to thank Marcy for keeping me company – I want to thank her too, Thanks Marcy!!

Day 197

24 05 2010

Mommy and I headed to NJ for the weekend.  We have Laura’s baby shower to go to on Sunday and mommy was hoping to visit a bunch of other people while we were there.  Since it would be too hard to do it all on Sunday, she took her friend Marcy up on her offer to stay at her house Saturday night!  Mommy said we were really lucky because we hit NO traffic on the way to her house.  She lives in Westfield, NJ and it’s a really quick ride with no traffic.  We had lots of fun together.  We went in to town and mommy and Marcy shopped for a little bit.  Then mommy and I met up with her friend Angelita and her daughter Kaylee.  Kaylee was born eight days before me.  They’ve been wanting to get us together since we were born!!  We hung out for awhile then went back to Marcy’s house where I had fun playing with Marcy.

Thanks for letting us stay at your house Marcy 🙂

I had fun hanging with Kaylee and Angelita.  Hopefully next time I see her it will be an official playdate where we can do some playing!  Shopping isn’t a lot of fun for babies…