Day 339

11 10 2010

Today is Columbus Day and schools are closed, even my school!  Thankfully it was daddy’s day off so mommy didn’t have to take off from work.  I’m glad I got to hang with daddy today because I didn’t get to see him all weekend.  He took me outside because it was so nice.  Nicole and Andreia came over to play with me 🙂

Day 293

28 08 2010

Today I went to Maria’s house while mommy & daddy were at work.  It’s lots of fun over there because Maria has two daughters, Meghan & Nicole, and they have friends that come over.  There are so many people to play with me.

Day 262

26 07 2010

Mommy and daddy kept me home from school today.  They wanted to make sure my hives were all gone before they sent me – wouldn’t want anyone at school worried I was spreading anything to the other babies!  Daddy was home for the morning so he watched me.  Then our neighbor Maria and her girls, Meghan & Nicole, babysat me 🙂  That’s us – Meghan’s to the left of me and I’m sitting on Nicole’s lap.  That’s some other neighborhood kids with me. I can’t wait until I am bigger and can play with everyone.