Day 103

17 02 2010

My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.  I wear my sunglasses at night, at night, so I can, so I can…….wait, why would you wear sunglasses at night, that’s just stupid.  Anyway, I was wearing my sunglasses during the day – in my room – that’s stupid too but mommy just wanted to see what I looked like with them on….pretty cool I’d say.

Day 102

16 02 2010

So we got more snow – I can’t wait until I can actually PLAY in it!!!  Mommy says don’t rush things, I’ll be paying off a mortgage and socking money in to a 401K before I know it so I should enjoy this time of my life as much as possible  🙂  She wanted to enjoy her life today so she dragged me out in to the snow I can’t play in to go to the Nail Salon.  Apparently she desperately needed a mani/pedi and it was about my nap time anyway so she figured she’d try sneaking one in while I slept.  But HA – I let her relax during the pedi part but I woke up in time for the mani part.  She didn’t mind though as one of the nice ladies at the nail salon held me while she finished getting her nails done.  Mommy goes here all the time so they are very nice to her, and now to me!  See how comfortable I am……

Day 101

15 02 2010

We’re expecting more snow tonite.   Daddy is working today and mommy wanted to go outside and clear away some of the snow left over from the other day.  She brought me next door to Rosie’s house to see if Rosie and her aide, Hermoine, would keep an eye on me.  Hermoine used to be a nanny so she likes looking after babies – they both love it when I come to visit.

Day 100 – Happy Valentine’s Day

14 02 2010

It’s Valentine’s Day and here I am with mommy.  Since I can’t drive yet daddy went to the store to get my presents for mommy.  I got her a box of chocolates and TWO cards – one of them had a button that says #1 MOM.  Mommy was very impressed that daddy remembered to go to the store BEFORE Valentine’s day 🙂  And I got a card from my parents – Happy Valentine’s Day Mommy and Daddy – I love you too.

Day 99

14 02 2010

Today mommy, dadddy and me went for a ride out east to look at real estate.  Daddy had picked out over 15 houses to look at – apparently mommy and daddy only sort of liked two of them!  We didn’t go inside any of them – just judged from the street – what they call “curb appeal”!  Mommy and daddy need to make sure our house has curb appeal when the time comes!!  Now I didn’t see any of this as I slept the ENTIRE time 🙂  Well, I did wake up for a minute when we stopped at daddy’s friend Paul’s new house.  He and his family used to live by us in Lynbrook but they moved out east.  Someday we’ll probably live near them again.  They just had a little girl Molly, so I’ll have some one my age to play with!  Once we got back in the car I went right back to sleep – my car seat is very cozy!  But when I got home I was very hungry!   So I had my bottle and sat and watched the olympics for a bit…….

Day 98

12 02 2010

Here I am in my new Bumbo seat!  Mommy has been wanting to get me one of these forever, but I wasn’t ready for it – you are supposed to be able to hold your head up on your own.  I’m only just about ready for it now!

Day 97

11 02 2010

Today we’re recovering from the big snowfall we got yesterday – we got over a foot of snow!!  I still have a cold so mommy is keeping me inside where it is nice and warm.  Sometimes she has things to do around the house and if I get too fussy sitting in my swing, or in the kicking coaster or playing on my boppy mat she trucks me around the house in the baby bjorn.  Here we are after mommy took the dishes out of the dishwasher and then she folded some laundry.  I like the baby bjorn, at least for a little while.  Mommy says I might like it better when she can take me in it for walks outside 🙂

Day 96

10 02 2010

So it’s a blizzard outside and there was noooooo way mommy was taking me outside to even take a pic of the day.  So I’ve been hanging out inside – you know eating, playing, sleeping.  Here I am in my kicking coaster – I’m getting real good at kicking and pushing off the base, every time I do it music and lights play.

Day 95

9 02 2010

Yuck – I got my first cold 😦  Mommy said I didn’t sleep well last night.  Funny thing, she said she didn’t sleep well either!  See how in sync we are 🙂  As the day wore on I felt OK – never got a fever or anything, just a stuffy nose.  Went to visit Grandma Angie today.  Mommy had another eye doctor appt so she      watched me.  Then when I came home I watched the UFC on Spike TV.

Day 94 – My First Time at Day Care

8 02 2010

Today was my first day at Day Care!!!  Mommy is only sending me for a few hours three days this week – just to test it out for all of us.  She doesn’t want me gone all day just yet cause she and daddy would miss me 🙂  Things went well.  I didn’t cry and mommy didn’t cry!  I was very good this morning, I slept while mommy showered.  When I woke up she gave me my bottle and then I hung out on the bed watching the local news while mommy got dressed.  And then mommy got ME dressed.  No last minute dirty diapers AFTER mommy put me in the car seat – I’ll wait to do that on a day when she’s really running behind 🙂  Just kidding…maybe?!?   At the school I met Miss Angelica.  She’ll be looking after me during the day, well at least for this week.  She’s gonna have a baby any day now and this is her last week at work for awhile.  Miss Joy will be looking after me then.  I’ll get a picture with her soon.  This is me and Miss Angelica in front of my crib.  Mommy bought me a mobile to pimp it out a bit – she’ll add that tomorrow.