Day 184 – Happy Mother’s Day

13 05 2010

OK – mommy is kind of behind updating my blog – I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting my posts!!  She’s been doing some stuff after work and also daddy keeps hogging the laptop at night to troll around on ebay for hours!!!

Here we are on Mother’s Day – mommy made dinner for Grandma Angie & Daddy – we didn’t remember to get a picture with us all sitting around the table 😦  So we took one when mommy was giving me my last bottle of the day.  Her t-shirt says she’s the best mommy 🙂

Day 183

8 05 2010

Surprise!! Mommy and me went upstate to surprise my Grandma Candy for Mother’s Day.  Mommy’s family doesn’t get to see me too much so mommy is gonna try  to bring me up there whenever she can.  But this time we didn’t tell Grandma I was coming.  Grandpa Richie, Aunt Victoria and Aunt Gen knew I was coming but not her – boy was she surprised 🙂