Day 359

31 10 2010

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  It’s finally here 🙂  It’s chilly outside so mommy decided I’d be a monkey for halloween since the costume is so nice and warm.  We got dressed and headed to the kids parade in Huntington.  It was nice – there were so many fun costumes there.  I was a monkey (that’s daddy trying to eat my banana!).

that’s mommy – she dressed up as a banana

Look – there was another monkey like me!

Then when we went home, mommy switched me in to my astronaut pajamas, my astronaut jacket and my new moon boots (uh, they’re really my new snow boots but the purpose of my costume, they’re moon boots today!!) and I was an astronaut!!!  Our neighbor Maria and her daughter Nicki and some of her friends were going trick or treating and asked mommy and I to come along with them.  Mommy wasn’t going to take me door to door since everyone would think she wanted the candy (I’m not even 1 yet, I can’t eat that stuff!!) – but we followed along with Maria and Nicki so then it was ok.  Cause we figured we’d just walk with them and I could check out the neighborhood.  But people kept giving Nicki and her friends candy for me so I ended up with a bunch of stuff anyway 🙂  Well….mommy and daddy did cause I can’t eat that stuff….yet!!!

Day 105

21 02 2010

Finally – here is a picture of me with my Grandpa Richie.  Me and mommy went for a visit at my granpdarent’s house upstate.  We’re gonna be staying for two whole nights.  I am so excited to get to spend time with them – I don’t see them to often!  I really like playing with Grandpa Richie – he’s silly.  And I get to see Aunt Gen and Aunt Victoria too.

Day 45

21 01 2010

Daddy’s friend Darren, his wife Erica and their kids Emily and Nate came to visit today.  They brought me some really cool presents!  A camo bib with my initials on it and a snuggly camo outfit to wear outside.  My daddy likes to hunt and fish which is why everyone keeps giving me camo stuff 🙂  I was pretty tired from all the excitement and passed out like a monkey in a tree on Darren’s arm.  It was very comfortable on there.