Day 357

31 10 2010

This is the costume I wore for school today.  I didn’t wear it all day, they told mommy to pack it in my bag and they’d just put it on me for pictures and trick or treating around the school.  I could have worn this all day though, it was cozy.  Well, not the hat.  I hate hats – I always pull them off.  Grandma said I didn’t wear the hat – they tried putting it on but I kept ripping it off.  When mommy came and got me from school, I was back in my bones jones sweat suit she sent me there in.  But she really wanted a picture of me in my clown outfit so she put it on me again and we went outside for a picture.  Mommy kept holding the hat on my head every time I tried to pull it off.  After 4 or 5 tries I gave up – which was just about enough time for mommy to get this picture – then I ripped my hat off again!