Mid Jan Check In

18 01 2011

I felt like I just updated this blog but it’s been over two weeks….oops!  I really did mean to be better about posting on here – maybe if I had gotten my hubby an ipad like I wanted so he’d have that to surf the net on and leave MY laptop alone, I’d have realized it’s been so long since my last post.  I guess it doesn’t really matter – it’s not like I can’t just tell you what’s been going on the last two weeks.

This is Christopher eating his oatmeal.  Apparently he really, really likes apples & cinnamon flavored oatmeal.  He likes it so much he picked up this really heavy ceramic bowl and was trying to get every last drop.  This kid is so strong, it’s a bit frightening.

This is Christopher eating pasta.  He really likes pasta and really likes when he can feed it to himself.  His Nanna Angie was very excited when I gave her a copy of this picture.  She said she has a picture of Chris like this when he was a baby…..like father, like son 🙂

We went to the train show at the botanical garden in the Bronx

Christopher came to work with me – he had a cameo in a presentation reel we did.  He’s 14mos old and he was nearly as tall as the two 2 1/2 yr olds that were there!  And he wasn’t the least bit shy in front of the camera, go figure!

oh look, someone has figured out how to get out of his pen……great.

oh look, there are FIVE of me….how excited was he to see that!  I on the other hand feel like there are five of him running around and destroying everything around the house all of the time 🙂  This was a mirror in an exhibit at the LI Children’s Museum.  I just bought us a membership so we’ll be heading here often….plenty of room for him to roam there.

ooooh look – here he is breaking free again!  Love that look on his face…..all innocent like he’s not doing something wrong.  This kid is too much sometimes.  Good thing he’s cute as hell.