Day 294

28 08 2010

Today is Friday and it’s normally a quiet day at the office where mommy works – so she brought me in with her since I didn’t have day care.  I like going to work with mommy.  There is so much room to crawl and play and so many people come to see me.  I especially like playing with Kim and Lesley.  They are really nice to me.

Day 280

13 08 2010

I went to work with mommy today!  I could have gone back to school, but since I hadn’t been there all week mommy figured why send me now.  It was a good day to go.  It was nice and cool outside and things were going to be quiet around the office.  I had lots of space to crawl and practice walking 🙂  Everyone was so surprised to see me pull myself up and try to walk.  Here I am with Kim.  She knows how to make me laugh.

Day 218

12 06 2010

Goodness it was a busy day today!!  We went to breakfast with Aunt Victoria where I sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time.  Then we went to Brooklyn to meet up with mommy’s friend Kim so we could go to the Brooklyn Flea Market.  Which was a lot of fun.  And they sell the most amazing lobster rolls there – I wouldn’t know of course but mommy says they are and can’t stop talking about them.  Then we came home and met up with Susan and my fake big sister Jordan so we could take pictures together.  We were gonna do it at the beach but it was way too windy – so we ended up going to Eisenhower Park where I promptly fell asleep so Jordan did pics with mommy on her own.  I woke up when we got home so we ran and grabbed some shots of us together while sitting on the lawn.  It was nice.  But boy am I pooped.

Day 203

30 05 2010

I went to work again with mommy!  It’s the friday before memorial day so mommy only had a half day at work.  Just enough time to wheel me in there, show me off, check some emails, feed me and head back home 🙂  There was so much going on while I was there we forgot to take a picture in the office.  So mommy and me took one with Kim on our way out!