Day 97

11 02 2010

Today we’re recovering from the big snowfall we got yesterday – we got over a foot of snow!!  I still have a cold so mommy is keeping me inside where it is nice and warm.  Sometimes she has things to do around the house and if I get too fussy sitting in my swing, or in the kicking coaster or playing on my boppy mat she trucks me around the house in the baby bjorn.  Here we are after mommy took the dishes out of the dishwasher and then she folded some laundry.  I like the baby bjorn, at least for a little while.  Mommy says I might like it better when she can take me in it for walks outside 🙂

Day 96

10 02 2010

So it’s a blizzard outside and there was noooooo way mommy was taking me outside to even take a pic of the day.  So I’ve been hanging out inside – you know eating, playing, sleeping.  Here I am in my kicking coaster – I’m getting real good at kicking and pushing off the base, every time I do it music and lights play.

Day 60

28 01 2010

Here I am in my Kicking Coaster – boy oh boy I just realized I have a LOT of stuff and you haven’t even seen it all yet 🙂  Mommy just bought me this chair (even though I have two OTHER vibrating chairs!!!) because she saw I like to kick my legs and thought I might like this.  But jokes on her – my feet can’t reach the kicking panel yet – HA HA.  But I still look pretty cool just hanging out in my overalls and my spiky hair, right?