Day 163

18 04 2010

I love my jumperoo!!  It is so much fun.  I had another busy day today.  We went to visit my next door neighbor, Rosie.  She’s sick at a rehab center.  Mommy and I took a walk over there early this morning.  Then mommy walked with me to CVS – I needed diapers.  We were out for over an hour and I slept most of the way in my jogging stroller.  Then mommy had Grandma Angie come over and help keep an eye on me so she could do some housecleaning.  Grandma Angie took me for a walk too and I slept some more.  Then mommy and I went to see her friend Anita again.  Anita’s babies are coming next weekend so I won’t get to see her for awhile.  Mommy went to get a few more picture of her before those babies come.  While we were there, we went to the park for a bit.  All that fresh air made me sleepy, again 🙂  Then I came home and had some dinner, played with mommy, then played with daddy and off to bed I went.

Day 151

6 04 2010

It’s finally time for my jumperoo!!!  Mommy has been wanting to take it out of the box and let me test drive it – but she was afraid of putting me in too soon.  But I am sooooo ready for it now 🙂  I really like this purple hippo dude – he’s fun to bite on…..