Day 318

21 09 2010

This is my new outfit that I got from my fake big sister Jordan!!  She gave it to me that day we went to visit Laura and Ben in NJ.  Isn’t it cool!! It’s got Elmo on it 🙂

Day 309

12 09 2010

Mommy said today is a sad day.  It’s 9-11 and nine years ago terrorists hijacked planes and ran them in to the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania.  Many people died that day and she said we should never forget what happened.

But even though it was a sad day, there was a bright side.  We went to NJ and met Laura’s baby Ben!  He was in her belly back on day 73 when she came to meet me for the first time 🙂  Remember?  She came with Susan and Jordan.  This time, it was me, mommy, Susan and Jordan that went to see her.  We had a lot of fun – Ben is really cute.  And after we left Laura’s, we stopped at Rita’s to get italian ices.  Mommy got a sample of the green apple  – it was the perfect size for me to have some.  It was delicious.  And I almost forgot, know what else happened?  Jordan gave me a bunch of her sesame street stuffed animals.  I got an Oscar, Big Bird and Elmo.  AND she got me a really cute Elmo outfit.  I love Jordan, she’s real nice to me.  Even though something really bad happened on this day – you can still have a good day.  Mommy says that’s the best revenge.

Day 218

12 06 2010

Goodness it was a busy day today!!  We went to breakfast with Aunt Victoria where I sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time.  Then we went to Brooklyn to meet up with mommy’s friend Kim so we could go to the Brooklyn Flea Market.  Which was a lot of fun.  And they sell the most amazing lobster rolls there – I wouldn’t know of course but mommy says they are and can’t stop talking about them.  Then we came home and met up with Susan and my fake big sister Jordan so we could take pictures together.  We were gonna do it at the beach but it was way too windy – so we ended up going to Eisenhower Park where I promptly fell asleep so Jordan did pics with mommy on her own.  I woke up when we got home so we ran and grabbed some shots of us together while sitting on the lawn.  It was nice.  But boy am I pooped.

Day 198

24 05 2010

After our fun night at Marcy’s house, we headed over to visit with mommy’s friend Katie.  Turns out Katie and Marcy live right around the corner from each other!!  Like literally right around the corner!!  Small world.  Then we went to Laura’s baby shower.   That’s a picture of us.  She’s having a boy, like me, and his name is going to be Ben.  I can’t wait to meet him.  And guess who was at the shower too – Jordan!!  My fake big sister 🙂  She calls me her fake little brother.  She likes to hold me and play with me.

Day 73

28 01 2010

More of mommy’s friends came to visit today!  These are her friend’s from work.  That’s Laura on the left – mommy used to work with her at MTV and now they work together at Comedy Central.  She’s pregnant and is gonna have a friend for me to play with.  And she knows how to burp me real good!!  It’s her birthday today and we had cake – well everyone else had cake, I had a bottle.  That’s Susan holding me.  Mommy used to work with her a long time ago at Lifetime and now they work together at Comedy Central too.  And that’s her daughter Jordan on the right.  I like Jordan, she’s pretty.  She liked holding me and I liked it too!!  Oh yeah – they brought me lots of presents 🙂