Day 289

22 08 2010

It was a rainy day today – I know it doesn’t look like it in this picture, but it was!  Mommy took me to visit some of her bball buddies – Jill, Julie, Chrissy & Anita – they play softball together.  They had some games in Wantagh so mommy took me there so Julie, Chrissy and Anita could meet me 🙂  Jill already met me a long time ago (day 67), she’s the one that gave me that awesome activity table (days 176, 189, 247), it’s one of my favorite toys.  Anyway, we leave to go to the park and it starts raining.  Mommy figured those silly girls would still be playing if it rained so we still went to see them.  After awhile it wasn’t raining so heavy and mommy and I sat under a tree where it was dry, and watched them play.  They didn’t win 😦  But that’s ok, it was fun getting to meet them all.  I didn’t get a picture with them cause mommy figured they wouldn’t want her taking their pic while they were wet from playing in the rain.  Hopefully I’ll meet them again soon and we can take a picture then!

Day 189

14 05 2010

So had school again today.  I was coughing a lot yesterday and still today.  Miss Joy said I mainly coughed while I was sleeping – not so much when I was awake.  I guess that’s not too bad – hopefully I’ll stop with the coughing altogether soon.

There was a book fair at school and mommy bought me some 🙂  Now if I’d only sit still while she tried to read to least that’s what she says.

Today mommy is gonna break the rules again and post two pics of me.  This one is of me playing with my activity table.  Mommy’s friend Jill and her family got it for me.  It’s got lots of lights and music – it’s so much fun.  It plays songs, counts, talks in spanish, plays lots of songs.  So much to do I’ll never get bored.  Thanks Jill!!

This other picture is my school picture.  Mommy got it yesterday when she picked me up from school.  She said she loves it so much she had to bring it to work today to show it off to everyone.  She said it looks like a corporate headshot you’d see in Crain’s Business News.

Day 176

1 05 2010

It was 80 degrees today!  Mommy was so excited for the warm weather.  She put me in my first shorts outfit!  Here I am in it – playing with Grandma Angie.  That’s my activity table.  I got it from Jill, Joe & their boys.  It’s a fun table.  So much to do.  Grandma Angie thought it was funny cause I started wiggling my tushy when the music played.  After we played inside, we went outside for awhile.  We sat under the shade of the tree on the side of the house.  Mommy laid out a blanket and I played for a bit until the fresh air made me sleepy then I took a long nap.

Day 67

28 01 2010

Today another one of mommy’s high school and basketball buddies came by to visit!  This is Jill and her son Brandon – it was nice to meet someone that was closer to my size!  They brought me the coolest toy – it’s a table with all these fun activities, I can’t wait to play with it.