Day 260

25 07 2010

This morning started off weird!  I didn’t have a fever but after mommy fed me breakfast, I broke out into hives all over my legs and arms.  She was worried I was having an allergic reaction to something I ate – that happened once before when I first tried bananas…but this reaction was so much worse than that.  She called the dr’s office to see what they had to say, but the person answering the phone said I should come in.  So off we went, and Dr. Gheri was there again (I really like Dr. Gheri, she’s very nice.)  She said I might have a virus.  Apparently something has been going around and my symptoms, the low grade fever and hives, fit the symptoms.  There wasn’t really anything she could do for me – apparently it’s the kind of thing that has to run it’s course.  Other then the hives, I was feeling much better, not sluggish like the day before.  She said at this point I wasn’t contagious and it would be OK if I went out.  We had Jennie’s BBQ today and we were hoping not to miss it.  Lots of people from mommy’s high school were gonna be there and it was gonna be like a reunion.  Unfortunately it was gonna be a super hot day but we were looking forward to going in Jennie’s awesome pool.  I did go swimming for a little bit, but the heat made me super tired and I spent most of the day sleeping – thank goodness Jennie’s house had central air conditioning. 🙂

and I made some new friends today too!  This is me with Alicia – she has a twin sister named Cynthia.  Alicia and Cynthia look alike – that’s what being a twin means…..well one kind of twins look alike and they are that kind of twins!

Day 206

31 05 2010

Today I went into a pool for the first time!  Mommy’s friend Jennie invited us over to hang out and she has an awesome pool – mommy couldn’t wait to take me in it.  We went swimming with Jennie and her sons, Adam and Eric.  We had a lot of fun.  Adam was learning to swim – he can do the doggie paddle all the way from one end of the pool to another.  I hope I can do that someday.  Jennie’s husband Kenny didn’t come in the pool – he had to run some errands.  That’s ok, he played with me in the house.  He made funny faces that made me smile.  I liked going to Jennie’s house.  I hope we can go again soon.

**that’s mommy holding me – you can’t see her though cause she says there will be no pics of her in a bathing suit unless she someday wakes up and has a body like Heidi Klums…..(editor’s note – so basically that means there will be no pics of mommy in a bathing suit ever)

Day 26

21 01 2010

Did I say taking Christmas Card pictures was tiresome?  Well that was nothing compared to taking pictures with all the presents I got!  Mommy & Daddy’s friends were really nice and got me so many great things.  Mommy is really nice (daddy says insane) and wanted to send along a picture of me with my gifts in the thank you cards.  It took forever!  But I hope everyone liked their picture.  This was me & binky with the outfit mommy’s friend Jennie gave me, you remember her from Day 18, right?  The shirt has the #33 on it just like on mommy’s basketball jersey 🙂

Day 18

20 01 2010

This is mommies friend Jennie.  They also went to high school together and they played on the basketball team.  Before mommy got pregnant with me, they had reconnected on Facebook with a bunch of other girls from the team and started playing again.  Mommy and daddy didn’t want to find out if I was a boy or girl until I was born….Jennie was one of the people that guessed I’d be a boy!  She has two of her own so she knows her stuff.  She brought me a cool workout outfit, the shirt has a basketball on it and the #33…that’s mommy’s Jersey #!!  Maybe I can come play bball now?