Day 261

25 07 2010

Today I was supposed to be going to Olive’s 1st birthday party in NJ.  But I broke out in hives again and mommy didn’t think all the other parents at the party would appreciate me coming.  Although the doctor said I wasn’t contagious, you just don’t want to take chances.  And it’s supposed to be another scorcher today – after being out in the heat yesterday, mommy figured it would be best if I stayed home.  Since we’re home she thought today would be a good day to drag out my costumes and dress me up and takes pics.  Here I am in the scarecrow costume.  She also had me in a giraffe and a dinosaur costume…..uh, thanks mommy, I’ll pay you back someday when I’m a teenager and start driving you crazy .

Day 260

25 07 2010

This morning started off weird!  I didn’t have a fever but after mommy fed me breakfast, I broke out into hives all over my legs and arms.  She was worried I was having an allergic reaction to something I ate – that happened once before when I first tried bananas…but this reaction was so much worse than that.  She called the dr’s office to see what they had to say, but the person answering the phone said I should come in.  So off we went, and Dr. Gheri was there again (I really like Dr. Gheri, she’s very nice.)  She said I might have a virus.  Apparently something has been going around and my symptoms, the low grade fever and hives, fit the symptoms.  There wasn’t really anything she could do for me – apparently it’s the kind of thing that has to run it’s course.  Other then the hives, I was feeling much better, not sluggish like the day before.  She said at this point I wasn’t contagious and it would be OK if I went out.  We had Jennie’s BBQ today and we were hoping not to miss it.  Lots of people from mommy’s high school were gonna be there and it was gonna be like a reunion.  Unfortunately it was gonna be a super hot day but we were looking forward to going in Jennie’s awesome pool.  I did go swimming for a little bit, but the heat made me super tired and I spent most of the day sleeping – thank goodness Jennie’s house had central air conditioning. 🙂

and I made some new friends today too!  This is me with Alicia – she has a twin sister named Cynthia.  Alicia and Cynthia look alike – that’s what being a twin means…..well one kind of twins look alike and they are that kind of twins!