Day 249

14 07 2010

Sometimes I hang out in my high chair while mommy gets my stuff ready for day care.  She gives me puffs to snack on and I practice using my sippy cup.

Day 233

27 06 2010

This is the bib my Great Aunt Dawn bought me.  She bought me an elmo hoodie too but it’s still a little too big for me.  But daddy says I’ll fit in to it in no time the way I am growing 🙂

Day 182 – I’m 6 months old today!!

7 05 2010

Today I am 6 months old 🙂   Mommy thought it was time that they took my high chair out of the box.  Now we can all sit at the dinner table together and eat.  Normally mommy or daddy would sit me on their lap or in my bumbo and feed me.  Now I can sit in a nice comfy high chair.  (Thanks Laura & Susan for my awesome high chair – I love it.)