Day 363

4 11 2010

Yeah Yeah – I know, Halloween is over.  But my shirt glows in the dark!  That is so cool.  I’m gonna wear this until I outgrow it.  Which probably won’t be much longer.

Day 353

25 10 2010

I’m just looking for some candy.  Someone told me that people put candy in pumpkins for Halloween.  There wasn’t any in my pumpkins!!  Now Halloween is just a few days away – maybe I have to wait until then for the halloween fairy to come and fill them up?

Day 342

20 10 2010

It might be fall but it’s still warm enough for me to be outside without a jacket!  I like playing in the fresh air 🙂  Mommy’s got pumpkins outside cause Halloween is coming.  I can’t wait – Halloween is on a Sunday so mommy is going to take me around to the neighbors for my first trick or treating.  Then we’re gonna come home and give out candy to all the kids that come to our house.  It’s gonna be fun!