Day 296

31 08 2010

We spent the night at Grandma Candy & Grandpa Richie’s house.  I like visiting them because I get to play with everyone and they have a cat and a dog!  And my Grandpa Richie is silly – I like that.

Day 279

13 08 2010

Grandma Candy went home tonite.  I was feeling better and she needed to get home because she had lots of things to get done.  Mommy was holding me while I had my last bottle of the day and the I went night-night.

Day 278

13 08 2010

Grandma Candy came down to watch me for the next two days!!  I have this virus thing that means I can’t go to school for a few days.  Mommy worked from home yesterday, but she can’t do that all week so she asked Grandma Candy if she could come down to help.  She doesn’t work during the summertime so she was able to do it.  It was so nice to get to spend time with her.  She played with me all day long 🙂  She let me crawl around and play with all my toys.  I practiced walking and standing and she was teaching me how to high five!

Day 245

11 07 2010

We went to visit Grandma Candy, Grandpa Richie, Aunt Victoria and Aunt Gen today.  It’s been awhile since they’ve seen me.  I wasn’t crawling, sitting up on my own or standing the last time they saw me!  Boy were they surprised at all I could do.  And boy did I have fun exploring their house – I was crawling all over the place.  I loved following the cat and trying to pet the dog.  Here I am taking a nap while hanging out with grandma.   Mommy had gone with Aunt Victoria and Aunt Gen to take pics for Aunt Toria’s friend Dan’s band.

Day 183

8 05 2010

Surprise!! Mommy and me went upstate to surprise my Grandma Candy for Mother’s Day.  Mommy’s family doesn’t get to see me too much so mommy is gonna try  to bring me up there whenever she can.  But this time we didn’t tell Grandma I was coming.  Grandpa Richie, Aunt Victoria and Aunt Gen knew I was coming but not her – boy was she surprised 🙂

Day 156

11 04 2010

Mommy and Daddy went to Mommy’s friend’s Raquel & Brian’s wedding today.  I stayed at Grandpa Richie & Grandma Candy’s house while they were there.  Then they brought me to the reception hall so mommy and daddy wouldn’t have to drive all the way back to their house to go home.  That meant I got to meet mommy’s friends (like Brian the Groom, Jen & Jeff; whose son Noah I am going to meet next weekend on a playdate, Pam, Amy, Jackie, Rindy & Justin) and I got to see Raquel, she makes a pretty bride don’t you think!

Day 106

21 02 2010

Not only did I get to hang out with my grandparent’s and aunt’s today – I also got to meet my Great Aunt Jeanie.  She’s in her 80’s!!!!  Not bad looking for her age, right?