Day 247

11 07 2010

I’ve figured out how to pull myself up and play with my activity table.  I love this thing.  My favorite parts are the computer – I like to flip the screen up and down – and the book cause I like to flip the page back and forth.  Thanks to the Varlack’s for hooking me up with this thing 🙂

Day 208

2 06 2010

Check out my new toy – it’s my car.  When you honk the horn it says “get out of the way.”  Apparently Fisher Price is going to teach me road rage at an early age – that way by the time I start driving I can be as good at it as Mommy and Daddy.

Day 182 – I’m 6 months old today!!

7 05 2010

Today I am 6 months old 🙂   Mommy thought it was time that they took my high chair out of the box.  Now we can all sit at the dinner table together and eat.  Normally mommy or daddy would sit me on their lap or in my bumbo and feed me.  Now I can sit in a nice comfy high chair.  (Thanks Laura & Susan for my awesome high chair – I love it.)

Day 151

6 04 2010

It’s finally time for my jumperoo!!!  Mommy has been wanting to take it out of the box and let me test drive it – but she was afraid of putting me in too soon.  But I am sooooo ready for it now 🙂  I really like this purple hippo dude – he’s fun to bite on…..