Getting Ready for Vacation

26 06 2011

So we’re getting ready for our trip to Ocean City – we’re really looking forward to it.  Last year we had so much fun – going out to dinner, to the beach, the boardwalk and the water park!!  Aunt Dawn can’t wait to see you.  It’s been a while since she saw you last.  She’s gonna be so surprised by how you’ve grown and how much you are talking.  I told her to make sure she put away anything that was breakable since you’re the original Dr. Destructo 🙂  She said she’s ready for you – but we’ll see about that!!  We’ve been showing you pictures of her and Uncle Jeff – want to see if you’ll surprise them with saying their names when you see them.

You’re getting really good with repeating things we ask you to say.  Today we practiced saying Auntie for Aunt Dawn.  Daddy kept trying to get you to say Uncle but you’re having a hard time with that one – so I had you practicing Jeff.  It’s fun to hear how you say things.  Like today Nan was asking you to say the names of people from school – and when she said Angelica, you said A-ca-ca.  The way you say good bye is the best, your voice gets high pitched and you wave while you say “bye bye”.

Daddy taught you how to sign “please” so you’ve been doing that a lot.  We’re starting to teach you “thank you” now.  You’ve started telling us when you have a poo poo or pee pee diaper.  You’re an absolute carb junkie.  You love bread, cereal, cookies and crackers.

Here are some pictures since my last post:

Rocking the cool jacket Auntie Dawn got you – it finally fits

I don’t think you have enough toys to play with

such a happy little boy 🙂

at Auntie Gen’s  HS graduation

I just love this picture  – you look too funny

hanging at Nonna Candy’s house – you were going to be staying the next night with Grandpa Richie while we went away for a spa day….my first night without you – it was bittersweet

you were mad cause daddy was changing your diaper but you wanted to come to me – mommy doesn’t want you til you have a clean diaper on your bum you silly monkey!

goofing around with Emmy & Patrick

hanging with Emmy, Erin & Samantha


It’s about time…

20 12 2010

That I got my laptop back!!!  My loving husband hijacks my laptop constantly and I’d say that’s why it takes so long in between posts.  Of course he’ll say there are plenty of nights that he’s working that I could do this (like tonite for instance) – but to that I would say maybe the 800 million things I have to do kind of get in the way of computer time.  I could list some of those things but knowing most of you reading this are mom’s too, I know I don’t have to!  Preaching to the choir, right???

Anyway – considering I do have way too much still to do tonite – I’m gonna get right in to things.  I’ve got lots of pictures to post since so much time has passed since the last entry.  And I recently discovered how much this blog has helped me track Christopher’s milestones so I want to include as much as I can!!

This is my Cousin Marion and my Cousin Maureen – related to me on my Mothers side.  I haven’t seen or spoken to them in over 16 years.  You know how it goes, some kind of family fight that keeps you apart.  I could get in to the details and tell my “side” of the story – but it just doesn’t matter.  Either I could go on ignoring that side of my family- or I take a chance and open up that side of my heart.  Of course I chose the latter.   Not having that side of my family in my life all these years was upsetting so the chance to give that side of my family back to Christopher means so much.  We were all slightly concerned on how it would go – could we move on from the past?  Thankfully the answer was yes!  We had a lovely time.  They got to meet monkey and I got to meet their families.

Here is monkey with Marion’s kids Emily & Sean and Maureen’s daugthers Erin & Samantha.  He had a lot of fun tearing up Marion’s kitchen and flirting with the girls 🙂

That’s right, that’s my son, swiffering the kitchen floor.  They say it’s important to get your kids doing chores early…….

They also say kids watch too much tv…..I’m trying really hard to not let him sit in front of the tv all the time, but when I’m getting ready for work Sesame Street is a nice way to keep him occupied!  It’s educational, right??  And some cheerios helps too…..

Grandpa Sal came over today.  He gave Christopher a hand walking in to the house.  Check out monkey’s shoes – adorable right??

Bath time!

Christmas tree shopping!  We got a tree a bit bigger then a charlie brown tree but was not too big.  It fits our space in the living room perfectly.  I’ll have to take a picture and get that posted some other day.

Christopher has been playing with this cube forever.  He couldn’t put the shapes in their holes without help, until recently.  Now he can put the circle and the square in by himself.  He’ll sit there and do that forever!  It’s great.  I’ll be in the kitchen doing something and he’s all quiet – I peek around the corner and he’s playing with this cube.

I just love this picture of him – he looks like such a little boy!  Not like a baby at all……

This is what he looked like A YEAR AGO!!!!  Can you believe it – I can’t.

Like all babies he loves playing with the electronics in the house, the remote, the phone… get one away from him he takes off and finds another!!!

This is one of his favorite toys. (I said it once I’ll say it again, thanks Anita!!!!)  He’ll sit on the floor and play with this forever too. He’ll take the little magnets and walk all over the house with them.  He races in to the living room and leaves them on the couch and then grabs them again and runs them back in to the kitchen.  That hairdo is courtesy of Grandma Angie….apparently she does this to him at school all the time!  I honestly have no idea how I’m ever gonna take that binky away from him…it’s just so funny to see him with it.

So I dragged Chris & Christopher to the Old Bethpage Village Restoration for their Candlelight Evening and Tree lighting.  Of course the tree lighting had to fall on the same night as daddy’s christmas party… it was a little dodgy on how we’d do both…but we made it work.  It meant Christopher had to come to the party and he was up way past his bedtime, but a night out as a family was worth it.  Here were my boys with Santa Claus.

Somebody was nice enough to take a pic of the three of us in front of a Christmas tree inside the exhibition hall – it was sooo pretty.

Here is the xmas tree that was lit – that’s about the only outdoor pic I took.  It was so cold that we didn’t spend much time outside.  That and we thought the wheels on the stroller were gonna fall off – the paths were soooo rocky!  And you couldn’t bring strollers in to the historic houses so we didn’t waste a lot of time checking them out.  We’ll wait to do this again when monkey is a little older!  Note to self, next time remember the stupid flashlight and definitely dress warmer!!!  And maybe bring a thermos of hot chocolate!

After the village, we hit daddy’s xmas party.

Day 226

20 06 2010

Happy Father’s Day!!!  Today we went to Aunt Terry & Uncle Phil’s house for a Father’s Day bbq.  Everyone was there – Aunt Debbie, Uncle Brandon, Briana, Juli, Grandpa Sal, Cousin Phil and his wife Allison, his son Nicholas, Cousin Deanna and her husband John, her daughter Isabella and Uncle Sal, Nancy and Katie.  Oh yeah, Uncle Rich and Cousin Mike showed up too!!  I was meeting lots of people for the first time.  I had a lot of fun.  Especially when daddy took me out in the pool – see……..

Day 72

28 01 2010

YAY – My Grandma Candy, Grandpa Richie, Aunt Victoria and Aunt Genevieve came to see me today.  We were having so much fun.  I don’t know where Grandpa Richie is – I think he was watching football and missed out on the picture.  Maybe next time.