Day 352

25 10 2010

Mommy and I went to the Rock Hall Country Fair in Lawrence today.  See all the pretty plants behind me – mommy wanted to get some but she said she only had enough hands to deal with me – she didn’t have any extra for holding plants.   That’s alright, she probably would have just killed them anyway, like the mums she already bought 🙂

Day 342

20 10 2010

It might be fall but it’s still warm enough for me to be outside without a jacket!  I like playing in the fresh air 🙂  Mommy’s got pumpkins outside cause Halloween is coming.  I can’t wait – Halloween is on a Sunday so mommy is going to take me around to the neighbors for my first trick or treating.  Then we’re gonna come home and give out candy to all the kids that come to our house.  It’s gonna be fun!

Day 321

26 09 2010

Mommy says I can drive the car this morning, see, she gave me the keys!  Ha cheeky monkeys, babies can’t drive – I was just kidding.   Mommy just gave them  to me so I’d sit still for a picture.  See the new plants on my step – those are called mums and you put them out in the fall.  And you can tell it’s fall cause I’m wearing a sweatshirt cause it’s cool outside.

Day 307

12 09 2010

Mommy is so excited fall is here – that means I’m older and bigger and I get to fit in to a whole new set of clothes.  Like this outfit.  Are you ready for some football!!!  I’m not, but I am ready for playing in the new room at day care.  They have even better toys then my other room.