Day 318

21 09 2010

This is my new outfit that I got from my fake big sister Jordan!!  She gave it to me that day we went to visit Laura and Ben in NJ.  Isn’t it cool!! It’s got Elmo on it 🙂

Day 310

12 09 2010

Daddy said mommy should take this picture as my picture of the day because I was being a pain in the butt 🙂  It isn’t my fault that I get cranky when I’m tired and hungry.

Day 309

12 09 2010

Mommy said today is a sad day.  It’s 9-11 and nine years ago terrorists hijacked planes and ran them in to the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania.  Many people died that day and she said we should never forget what happened.

But even though it was a sad day, there was a bright side.  We went to NJ and met Laura’s baby Ben!  He was in her belly back on day 73 when she came to meet me for the first time 🙂  Remember?  She came with Susan and Jordan.  This time, it was me, mommy, Susan and Jordan that went to see her.  We had a lot of fun – Ben is really cute.  And after we left Laura’s, we stopped at Rita’s to get italian ices.  Mommy got a sample of the green apple  – it was the perfect size for me to have some.  It was delicious.  And I almost forgot, know what else happened?  Jordan gave me a bunch of her sesame street stuffed animals.  I got an Oscar, Big Bird and Elmo.  AND she got me a really cute Elmo outfit.  I love Jordan, she’s real nice to me.  Even though something really bad happened on this day – you can still have a good day.  Mommy says that’s the best revenge.

Day 277

10 08 2010

Well it turns out I am sick!  Mommy had to stay home from work today because I still had a fever when I woke up.  We went to see Dr.Gheri again and she said I have something called, Coxsackie.  It’s a virus that I got from someone.  I probably got it from someone at school – but now I have to stay home for a few days so I don’t give it to someone else 😦  I feel okay enough to play – mommy gives me medicine that makes me feel better.

Day 235

30 06 2010

La la la, la la la, elmo’s song……la la la, la la la, elmo’s song…….I love elmo!!!  Daddy plays me the video of elmo singing elmo’s song on you tube all the time!  I love it.  No matter what I am doing, the minute I here elmo sing “la la la” I stop what I’m doing and look for him 🙂   If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend you go on You Tube and check it out.  Mommy loves it when elmo says, “I want to sing La La La Gordon song” – she sounds just like elmo when she says it.

Day 233

27 06 2010

This is the bib my Great Aunt Dawn bought me.  She bought me an elmo hoodie too but it’s still a little too big for me.  But daddy says I’ll fit in to it in no time the way I am growing 🙂

Day 214

8 06 2010

One of daddy’s co-workers, Christine, gave me lots of new toys.  Elmo was one of them 🙂  I love Elmo.  Daddy goes on youtube and plays me “Elmo’s Song” all the time.

Day 170

25 04 2010

Today mommy had a photography seminar to go to so I spent the day with daddy.  We went online and watched videos of Sesame Street together.