Day 148

4 04 2010

It is a beautiful day today – mommy got me up and dressed early so we could go see another Easter Bunny.  This one was at the Hicks Garden Center in Westbury.  That place is really big and really nice – but maybe their Easter Bunny could use a little bath?

Day 145

31 03 2010

Mommy wanted to make sure that she and Daddy got to take me for my first Easter Bunny visit together.  He’s working on Saturday when the Easter Bunny is going to be at Hicks Nursery and she was planning on taking me.  So she called the mall and found out the Easter Bunny was there until 8:30 at night.   Since the weather finally got nicer today she asked daddy if we could go when she got home from work.  We got to the mall and the parking lot was packed!!  Daddy looked at all the cars and said to Mommy, “What recession??”  We got a little nervous because we thought there might be a line to see the Easter Bunny – but thankfully there was no one there when we walked up!!  I got to take me picture right away 🙂