Day 287

20 08 2010

This is my last day of school for the summer.  I have two weeks at home and I go back to day care on Sept 8th.  But when I go back, Miss Joy won’t be my teacher any more 😦  I hope my new teacher is as nice as Miss Joy is.  I’ll miss you Miss Joy.  But I’ll be right next store so I know we’ll see each other all the time.

Day 249

14 07 2010

Sometimes I hang out in my high chair while mommy gets my stuff ready for day care.  She gives me puffs to snack on and I practice using my sippy cup.

Day 136

22 03 2010

The beautiful weekend is over and it’s back to daycare I go.  Here I am with one of the nice ladies that watches me in the morning until Miss Joy gets in.  Miss Joy is who watches over the babies during the day – but I sometimes come in before she gets there or stay after she leaves – and those are the times when mommy comes to get me.  Since mommy is the picture taker in the family, it makes it hard to get a picture with Miss Joy.  Mommy might have to enlist Daddy’s help since he’s the one that normally sees her.

Day 116

2 03 2010

Today was the first day since mommy went back to work that she had to take me to day care.  I am proud to say that we got out the door on time – I didn’t do anything to make us run late – like poop my pants after she bundled me all up and got me in the car seat….I am such a good boy!!

Day 109

25 02 2010

I’m meeting lots of new people at day care.  Here I am with one of the ladies that watches us that stay late.  There are only a couple of us that are there after 6pm.   It makes mommy sad but it’s ok.  I get lots of attention after the other babies leave!

Day 108

23 02 2010

Today was mommy’s first day back at work!  So now I have officially started day care.  But my daddy is working nights this week so he’s keeping me at home with him in the morning and will be bringing me there in the afternoons.  Mommy will pick me up when she gets home from work.  Here I am in a bouncy seat just waiting for her to come and get me.   Right now I’m sucking on my hand, but I had been sucking on my thumb!  Sucking your thumb is fun.  Wonder why mommy has that worried look on her face…….

Day 94 – My First Time at Day Care

8 02 2010

Today was my first day at Day Care!!!  Mommy is only sending me for a few hours three days this week – just to test it out for all of us.  She doesn’t want me gone all day just yet cause she and daddy would miss me 🙂  Things went well.  I didn’t cry and mommy didn’t cry!  I was very good this morning, I slept while mommy showered.  When I woke up she gave me my bottle and then I hung out on the bed watching the local news while mommy got dressed.  And then mommy got ME dressed.  No last minute dirty diapers AFTER mommy put me in the car seat – I’ll wait to do that on a day when she’s really running behind 🙂  Just kidding…maybe?!?   At the school I met Miss Angelica.  She’ll be looking after me during the day, well at least for this week.  She’s gonna have a baby any day now and this is her last week at work for awhile.  Miss Joy will be looking after me then.  I’ll get a picture with her soon.  This is me and Miss Angelica in front of my crib.  Mommy bought me a mobile to pimp it out a bit – she’ll add that tomorrow.