Day 346

20 10 2010

I stayed home from school today, I wasn’t feeling to well.  Daddy had the day off and we hung out together.  This is how mommy found us when she got home from work.  Daddy and I were watching videos on the computer.  He was playing the video of Feist singing 1,2,3,4 on Sesame St.  I love that video.


Day 339

11 10 2010

Today is Columbus Day and schools are closed, even my school!  Thankfully it was daddy’s day off so mommy didn’t have to take off from work.  I’m glad I got to hang with daddy today because I didn’t get to see him all weekend.  He took me outside because it was so nice.  Nicole and Andreia came over to play with me 🙂

Day 303

7 09 2010

So I was outside again today!  Mommy made daddy come outside with us so he could see how good I could stand on the grass.  She took a picture so now you can see how good I can stand too!

Day 299

2 09 2010

What?  Yeah I’m rocking my elmo slippers.  They are awesome and look how good I’m standing.  They used to get in my way and make it hard for me to do stuff, but I managed to stand up OK in them.  I hope I can walk in them when the time comes.  Grandma Angie & Daddy have said they’ve seen me walk without holding on to anything in my pack & play.  Grandma said I did it yesterday and I did it today too.  Mommy hasn’t seen me do it yet though.  Maybe she’ll see me do it in my elmo slippers:)

Day 271

6 08 2010

Here’s another set of new pajamas.  I’m almost 9 mos old, but I’m starting to wear  12mos size in clothes.  My shirt says daddy’s rock star and the pants have guitars all over them.  My daddy is a rock star.  He plays guitar and sings to me all the time.  Maybe someday I’ll learn to play an instrument and sing and then I can play with daddy.

Day 187

13 05 2010

You can tell when daddy is in charge of pictures for the day – he loves taking these crazy close-ups of me and taking pics of my while I have a bottle in my mouth!

Day 164

19 04 2010

Normally mommy gives me my first bottle of the day.  But today we slept in a little bit and mommy needed to get in the shower and get ready for work before daddy – so she asked daddy to give me my bottle.  This is what she saw when she came back in the room to get dressed 🙂

Day 158

14 04 2010

Daddy was off from work today.  I love it when daddy is home because we play together so much.  He was blowing raspberries on my belly.  That makes me laugh.

Day 143

29 03 2010

So the day care center is closed this week.  Thank goodness daddy is off of work for three days – he’s gonna be watching me today, tomorrow and Wednesday 🙂  I like it when I get to spend so much time with Daddy!

Day 137

24 03 2010

So daddy was off from work today and he made dinner and invited Grandma Angie over 🙂  She and I were hanging out while Daddy was getting everything ready…