Day 243

7 07 2010

Daddy lowered my crib mattress today – one day mommy came in to find me standing in my crib and it freaked her out.

Day 123

9 03 2010

Hello everyone – look at me hanging out in my crib!  I like to stand and mommy put me in my crib and I leaned on the railing so she could get a picture 🙂

Day 59

28 01 2010

Here I am hanging out in my crib – mommy figures she can’t rely on the boppy mat all the time so sometimes I hang out in here.  I like looking up at stuff and I have a really neat mobile that has wildlife creatures hanging from it!  There is a fox, a bear, a raccoon and an owl – it plays music too!

Day 34

21 01 2010

Here I am laying down in my crib – mommy had just given me a bath and laid me down in here while she put things away.  I love getting a bath, it’s so relaxing – and it makes my hair nice and fuzzy