Day 280

13 08 2010

I went to work with mommy today!  I could have gone back to school, but since I hadn’t been there all week mommy figured why send me now.  It was a good day to go.  It was nice and cool outside and things were going to be quiet around the office.  I had lots of space to crawl and practice walking 🙂  Everyone was so surprised to see me pull myself up and try to walk.  Here I am with Kim.  She knows how to make me laugh.

Day 234

30 06 2010

Ha ha – look at me – I’m up on all fours!  I haven’t figured out how to move like this – right now I do what my parents call the “army crawl” – but they think I’ll be crawling on my hands & knees soon.  But I bet it doesn’t matter if I don’t do that and keep just doing my army crawl.  I still manage to get around super fast – mommy and daddy can barely keep up with me.  And I can get in to a sitting position on my own now too.  Ain’t nothing gonna breaka my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving…….

Day 223

17 06 2010

Out of my way, this party guy has got places to go!!!

Day 219

14 06 2010

Grandma Candy, Grandpa Richie & Aunt Gen came to visit today – they got to see my new teeth and see me crawl 🙂

Day 210

4 06 2010

See I told you this is how I spend most mornings, sitting on mommy & daddy’s bed playing with my Melissa & Doug toys.  The fishie is my favorite one – it’s so easy to chew.  Do you like my new outfit?  It’s one of the bazillion outfits they got for me when we went to the outlets last weekend.  It’s from baby gap.  The shirt is really nice and soft and it has a picture of a froggie on it saying “catch me if you can.”  When I start crawling soon that’s what I’m gonna be saying!

Today’s a special day cause there are two pictures for today!!  Today was really hot – like 90 degrees hot!!  When daddy got home from work, he put some water in my pool and brought me outside to play in it.  It was my first time in my pool.  Last time mommy took it out, I ended up not getting to go in because I fell asleep.  But I was wide awake this time 🙂