Day 356

31 10 2010

I can’t wait for Sunday – it’s going to be my first Halloween!!!  The Dr said I was supposed to be born on Halloween, but I wasn’t.  I stayed inside mommy for one more week.  So instead of last year being my first halloween, THIS year is 🙂  Mommy has a few costumes for me so not sure yet what I am going to be.

Day 82

29 01 2010

This is the outfit mommy had bought me to wear on Christmas.  The pants were too big and mommy didn’t even bother putting the sweater on me.  I wore the pants with my white button down shirt.  But now everything fits me good.  I like the reindeer on my sweater.

Day 80

29 01 2010

Mommy says I look like such a big boy today.  She tried putting this outfit on me three weeks ago and it was TOO BIG.  Now it is JUST RIGHT 🙂  I’m totally ready to hang out with daddy and his hunting buddies.