Day 146

1 04 2010

Eating some cereal – I love when daddy feeds me – he does a good job.

Day 128 – Cereal Day!!!!

14 03 2010

Today was my first try at eating cereal!!!  At first I didn’t know what to think of this stuff or what I was supposed to do with it -I just let it sit there in my mouth.  But Daddy gave me my binky mid-way through and once I realized I was supposed to SWALLOW, I also realized, I LIKE this stuff.  GIMME MORE, GIMME MORE……

why not watch a video of me eating too if you have time……

Day 98

12 02 2010

Here I am in my new Bumbo seat!  Mommy has been wanting to get me one of these forever, but I wasn’t ready for it – you are supposed to be able to hold your head up on your own.  I’m only just about ready for it now!